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by karysun

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Under their cleanness, they're becoming soilers Under my calmness, I'm becoming destructive War is on, State put me on the side of hate Throw it on, let the stones speak, their choice is done No pity for pigs, they're the wall to break, between us and state Batsi, ghoulounia, zolofoni ΜΠΑΤΣΟΙ ΓΟΥΡΟΥΝΙΑ ΔΟΛΟΦΟΝΟΙ
2000 years of our minds in chains Put the human potential into the biggest jail ever made 60 years of nuclear business Put 600 generations into a reign of suffering You can hear the march going down the streets March of the voiceless You can hear the chaos, riots are the lips For a voice that has slept for hundred of years Who said? That priests are nazis for human kind Who said? That authority is behind every human oppression Destroy your past, destroy your present To build a world, on ashes and ruins
There's a new god in houses, materialized as idiot boxes Truth is given by wide smiles and white teeth "Life isn't social, life is superficial" "On the way to work, don't get in contact with your similar" It's forbidden by the newscaster new god, new truth The screen attracts your eyes, and make them explodes Through these wide open holes, it sucks your brain Need to work, need to pay Living death, for your brainsucker
Like monuments, the collection of empty bottles increases, All these shapes, all these sounds seem enraged. I consume to celebrate your divorce from society. Dozens of choices to make to get out of this. No matter the door you open, I won't like what will wait behind it. The wheels are in motion for a road further than skyline, But we will reach it someday, your world is coming to an end. After this, the rain will stop, the sea will be quiet again. In a landscape filled with car salesmen and white collar criminals Still waiting for something more exciting to happen. An overdose of latest news to feel a bit more threatened. Tongues need to taste flavors from other atmospheres. All similar, all different, with a meaningless hope as lifeguide. A combination of blood, tears and various living matters, Struggling for being the new king, not dying in abandon. Ignore tomorrow, spring will never come in this sequence of life. An admission of failure, waste as the only heritage to leave. Unpleasant smell of mutual incomprehension as remains. It's time to stop turning a blind eye to the masquerade, Just time to prepare the burial of a glorious and achieved past. The curtain falls, no time to rest, a new target in sight. No room for hypocrisy, regrets are destructive. Don't let the ego asserts its needs for stroking. With lack and frustation as gift, leave forever, no look back. Lonely again, looking for an elixir of life in a trash bag Living for the nostalgia of unknown places and unknown events The color of despair strongly inked in millions of iris cells A deep feeling of desolation creeps, stronger than the day before
The renegades are soiling your streets, and now you've got a new town plan Juvenile delinquency is growing up so you're putting them in your jails The earth is dying, so you makes the consumers feel guilty while you're stealing from them Their suicides drive your sales index down so you pave over the window Some aren't on your corporate watch-list so you're putting cameras on all the streets corners You have a solution for each consequence, but each consequence has his cause And these causes, it's you : police capitalist state, as well as its media and religious henchmen You, every member in every nook and cranny branch of this system You're the cause, and the salesmen of the solution I'm on the way to toe the line of the terrorists To become a kamikaze To becoming your fear I'm on the way for the only thing that makes sense in my life : Your total destruction
In despair, we trust anybody, we trust anything In despair, we are ready to play any role in the game To accept any illusion to escape reality We produce quietly and efficiently for the profit of those who provide the pressure We waste and be wasted, we consume not to be consumed by hate and fear We are ready to use any artifice, any miraculous tool they advertise To forget the sadness of our everyday lives
Bringing life back to a dead city Throwing colors into a grey picture Feel our flesh and bones move Going straight to a feast of life Charge those who charged Laugh to defend your life Like guards of a meaningless world, Blind soldiers charge to obey the rules Issued by an elite, death engineers they want to bury the city in silence again Charge those who charged Laugh to defend your life Our bodies move in a logical action Like a tactical dance leading us Until the end of the night we'll resist Live, have fun and fight darkness


released December 15, 2010


all rights reserved



karysun Caen, France

www.karysun.com for more info !

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