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The renegades are soiling your streets, and now you've got a new town plan
Juvenile delinquency is growing up so you're putting them in your jails
The earth is dying, so you makes the consumers feel guilty while you're stealing from them
Their suicides drive your sales index down so you pave over the window
Some aren't on your corporate watch-list so you're putting cameras on all the streets corners

You have a solution for each consequence, but each consequence has his cause
And these causes, it's you : police capitalist state, as well as its media and religious henchmen
You, every member in every nook and cranny branch of this system
You're the cause, and the salesmen of the solution

I'm on the way to toe the line of the terrorists
To become a kamikaze
To becoming your fear
I'm on the way for the only thing that makes sense in my life :
Your total destruction


from UNTIL THE END, released December 15, 2010



all rights reserved


karysun Caen, France for more info !

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